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Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 10, Explore music. Burton Thomas. Charles Hutchins. Jason Walker. Sarah Snider. Erik Schoster. Alamo aka noiseonport. Introducing the Heldenbuch. The reduced number of illustrations and their reuse from other prints was a commonplace printing tactic in the early modern period, which favoured mass production and enabled printing presses to adapt illustrations to a variety of prints and maximise their production output with minimal effort and complexity. For example, after welcoming Dietrich von Bern and his men to Worms, Kriemhild declares that the winner of each chivalric contest will be rewarded with a kiss and a wreath of roses from her garden.

Her absolute control over the contest and its prizes is reinforced by the following woodcut:. In this illustration, Kriemhild sports a crown on her head to symbolise her hierarchical superiority, which sets her apart from her plainly robed maid on the left of the woodcut.

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You can read her entries — and those of all the other winners — here. In this blog post, she explains what got her involved in the first place and what she loves about the competition. The prize ceremony for the Oxford German Olympiad was the perfect culmination of what has been, for me and many other pupils around the country, an exciting, challenging and definitely worthwhile affair. What I loved about the structure of the competition was how all the tasks tied into an overall theme but were so diverse, both within and across the age categories, which gave me a chance to explore aspects of German and Germany that I never would have before.

Versandbuchhandlung Kisch & Co.

I liked the sound of all the tasks in my age category and wanted to get as fully involved as possible so, instead of choosing between them, I decided to have a go at all three. I think my enjoyment of this task showed in my entry and it definitely paid off, as this piece was joint winner in my age category. Again, I had a chance to get creative with this task, choosing to narrate his history as a story, with dialogue and literary features, rather than as an essay, which was yet another discipline I would never have explored without the Olympiad.

The tasks in round 2 were even more diverse, giving incredible scope for creativity. Besides the success itself was the exciting prospect of attending the award ceremony in Oxford at none other than the Bodleian library, an event which lived up to and surpassed expectations.

The event itself was incredibly well organised, managing to balance a comfortable and informal intimacy with the grandeur appropriate for a prize ceremony. Judges, organisers and participants alike were friendly, excited and welcoming. And the best part?

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Fancy having a go at the Olympiad yourself? The next competition is just around the corner! The competition prize has been generously donated by Jonathan Gaisman, QC, whose first encounters with German as a schoolboy left him with a lifelong enthusiasm for German literature. The cadences of this unremarkable sentence, bidding one to listen without repeating, still enchant me today. The story on the tape told of the prosaic doings of a German businessman attending an industrial fair. Presumably this was a joke, though one unlikely to appeal much to schoolboys.

That this sentence, like its companions, was of an almost Ionescan banality deprives it of none of its nostalgic appeal: I was already reaching for the handle of the door. Four years later, by the time I left school, I had passed well and truly through. In those days, studying a modern language involved intensive study of literature.

We studied Prinz Friedrich von Homburg and other writings of Kleist , carefully read Maria Stuart , and more than dabbled in the shallows of Faust part I. A personal enthusiasm bordering on obsession led me to commit large slabs of Faust to memory, and they are still there. And so the way was opened though literature to poetry, to Lieder, to Wagner and to the extraordinary contribution of the German language to the life of the arts from the 18 th century on.

German literature and culture had thus passed into my bloodstream, and become part of my imagination and mental being. So it was inevitable that I would take modern languages to university, where I was lucky enough to be tutored by a third fine teacher, Francis Lamport, at Worcester College, Oxford. But the fire within was alight, and it burns still. The few years between the ages of 14 and 18 when I studied German represent the dominant intellectual influence in my education, and the one for which I am most grateful. Every so often, we at OGN Towers like to take a look round the blog-o-sphere and see what other people are writing about German-language life and culture.

Last week we reblogged a post by Mary Boyle about her stopover in Aachen. Heike published her post on her blog here: From the Sea to the Night — but mainly in the Desert.

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But now, read on…. North Africa, A man with no memory wakes up in the desert with a massive hole in the head. So far, so yawn: please, not another one of those lost memory characters stumbling around the plot trying to solve a mystery slash crime, been there, done that, keep your T-Shirt. Not so fast!

Carl named so after the label in his suit is not your average unreliable narrator. Perhaps fittingly, Sand is stuffed full of pain, gallows humour, false hopes, dead ends, absurd coincidences, misunderstandings, senseless chance events, torture, and death.

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Sounds offputtingly soul-crushing? Not so! Of those, there are many — and it makes for a hilarious, intriguing, heart-breaking, and ultimately gratifying read. The hunt is on for a man called Cetrois, who may or may not exist, and a mysterious centrifuge makes an appearance, or it might be an espresso machine, who knows. For in his morning orisons he loves the sun and the sun loves him. For he is of the tribe of Tiger. Christopher Smart was an English poet, a major contributor to popular magazines and a friend to influential writers such as Samuel Johnson and Henry Fielding.

A high church Anglican, Smart was known throughout London. He was infamous for his role as "Mrs. Mary Midnight" and widespread accounts of his father-in-law, John Newbery, locking him away in a mental asylum for many years over his religious "mania". Smart's two best-known works are A Song to David and Jubilate Agno , both written at least partly during his confinement in asylum.

Jubilate Agno was not published until Wie Despoten enden, hat's dich Nicht gelehrt des Bruders Beispiel? Nicht gelehrt des Vaters Beispiel?

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Nicht des Vaters-Vaters Beispiel? Blutig fingst auch du zu herrschen An!